·       Rattlesnake  Feature (Netflix; Director: Zak Hilditch; Producers: Ross Dinerston, Ross Girard; Line Producer: Sam Tischler)

·       Midnight, TX  Season 2,  9 episodes, TV Series (NBC; Executive Producers: David Janollari, Nicole Snyder, Eric Carmelo; Line Producer: Jeff Rafner)

·       The Brave  Season 1,  12 episodes, TV Series (NBC; Executive Producers: Dean Georgaris, Matt Corman and Chris Ord)

·       Midnight, TX  Season 1,  7 episodes, TV Series (NBC; Executive Producers: David Janollari, Monica Owusu Breen; Line Producer: Bill Johnson)

·       Circus Life Music Video  (Artist: Rachele Royale; Director/Producer: T.J. Scott)

·       Longmire Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, TV series (Netflix / A&E; Executive Producers: Greer Shepard, Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny; Producer: Pat Mckee)

·       Frontera  Feature (Director: Michael Berry; Producers: Mike and Alex Witherill)

·       In Plain Sight  Season 2, Co-Designer, 4 episodes, TV Series (NBC / USA.; Costume Designer: Sabrina Rosen, Producer: Dan Lerner)

·       Fanboys  Assistant Designer/Feature (Trigger Street Prods; Costumes: Johanna Argan, director: Kyle Newman, Producer: Dana Brunetti)

·       3 Wise Guys  Television Movie (Lions Gate/USA; Director: Rob Iscove; Producers: Michele Greco, Angela Mancuso)

·       RX Sin Receta Feature (Sumatra Films; Director: Ariel Vroman; Producer: Nicholas Simon)

·       After The Flood  Feature (Alterity Films; Director / Producer: Robert Saitzyk)

·       Depraved  Feature (Wolfcub Films; Director/Producer: Rogelio Lobato)

·       VR Troopers – Battlegrid Sequences  TV Series (Saban Productions; Producer: Robert Hughes)


Diploma of French Language and Civilization Université de la Sorbonne, Paris

B.A. in Drama University of Texas, Austin 



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